Git Commands I Use Every Day

I use git everyday in my job as a software developer. I generally use git from the command line. This is a list of commands I use regularly. I also use git directly from with IDEs like IntelliJ or code editors like Visual Studio Code.

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Brick Journey

Lately I’ve been making some stop motion brickfilms with my son. I’ve also been taking the time to do some photography again. Mixing the two I’ve created another site, Brick Journey to show what I’ve been doing.

We are just starting out making brickfilms. This website is to show the progress we make as we explore this new medium.


Book Review: How the Internet Happened: From Netscape to the iPhone

How the Internet Happened by Brian McCullough gives a great history of how today’s internet came to be. It starts around the time of the development of the first web browsers and goes right through the dot com boom and subsequent crash and on through the rise of amazon, google, netflix and facebook and ends around the time of the launch of the iphone. The author has a podcast ‘The internet history podcast’ in which he has interviewed hundreds of people to conduct research for the book.

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Launching Digitally Uncommon

A company focused on making Alexa Skills. Recently I started exploring the world of Alexa Skills. It’s been a fun experience about Alexa and how the whole system works. I wanted to go through the whole process of creating a Skill as well as actually launching it to the Amazon store. To that end I created a simple game for my kids to get them up and jumping around. They think it’s great fun.
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Pattern Matching Game

I made a physical pattern matching game with lights and buttons and an Arduino. With my Fridays free from regular work I picked a project to work on. I decided to make something for my kids. I’ve played around with Arduino before and built a few small toys for them. They get pulled out every so often. I have lots of bits of electronics like buttons, LEDs and sensors. Recently I was showing my kids how LEDs work and how buttons work.
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Why I’m moving to a four day work week. Time - there is no stopping it. On and on it goes and we have no control over it. It is the most limited thing we have. We can’t make more of it. We are all going to out of it some day. I, like a lot of people, trade time for money. Monday to Friday, 9 to 5, all year long.
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Build a weather app with Angular 6

In this tutorial I’m going to walk through the process of creating a web app from scratch using Angular 6. This will show everything you need to build a fully functioning, although slightly useless, web application.

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